All residents and faculty must get credentialed in using the “Trophon” ultrasound probe disinfecting machine. We all need to comply with this in order for our department to be allowed to use the endocavitary probe on our patients. Please watch this ~2 min video and familiarize yourself with the easy six-step algorithm of using this probe in our department (located below this video) and then proceed to the quiz to get credentialed:


1. Open Trophon door if display reads “Cycle Complete – Remove and Wipe Probe”

trophon display



2. Make sure the indicator disc at the bottom of the machine turned yellow



3. Create endocavitary procedure note in Cerner, check ‘Disinfection protocol performed’.

cerner order


4. Use the probe–always use a probe cover when performing an exam, and record images

condom cover

5. After you are done using the probe, remove probe cover, wipe probe with cavi-wipe

trophon cleaning



6. Place probe back into the Trophon, put a new indicator disc in it, press start.

put probe back




Get Credentialed