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Common Ultrasound Measurements


Required Ultrasound Views

Echo: 2 views, IVC plus lung 2 windows. Assess 5 E’s (Effusion, EF, Enlargement of RV, Exit, Entrance)

AAA: upper, mid aorta and bifurcation in transverse view, with outside to outside measurement, one saggital view fanning through

Renal: long and short view of both kidneys, and transverse and saggital view of the bladder

Ocular: transverse and saggital views, fanning through and kinetic exam in each view

Gallbladder: GB in long and short axis, measurement of wall (preferably in short axis), ideally with CBD measurement

Thoracic: anterior lung windows bilaterally, RUQ and LUQ to assess for pleural effusion

DVT: common femoral vein at the femerosaphenous junction, proximal deep and superficial femoral vein, popliteal vein, trifurcation (if trifurcation cannot be visualized, scan a 10 cm range in the popliteal region)

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